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Nickname: UpTownGirl
Name: Judit
Country: Hungary (Slovakia)
Also known as: kisteklak
Former clan(s): ReVolution
Favourite weapon(s): sg
Favourite map(s): ctf1/3 and ctf4 <3
Favourite position: atk -ctf1/3, def rem
Playing since: 2015


Nickname: Ameno
Name: Dmitry
Country: belarus
Also known as: фыв
Former clan(s): not have
Favourite weapon(s): not have Wink
Favourite map(s): ctf3,dm1 ,Jailbreak 5  in ddrace
Favourite position: attack some time def
Playing since: 2009-2012 I played only ddrace ,now i try Vanilla


Nickname: Jogger
Name: Miłosz
Country: Poland
Also known as: Jogger
Former clan(s): [=P.I.=]
Favourite weapon(s): gun
Favourite map(s): ctf3/dm1
Favourite position: dont have
Playing since: 2011 but i had 1,5 year break


Nickname: viCo
Name: Matthias
Country: Germany
Also known as: grafik, Diildo, imperatoR!
Former clan(s): sK'z, Team.Nordic, Dead Head, ReVo, Nope!, Full HD, maFia, infinitee, Jethol
Favourite weapon(s): gun
Favourite map(s): ctf2, ctf1, dm1
Favourite position: mid
Playing since: 2009


Nickname: Clown
Name: Justin
Country: Germany
Former clan(s): EVIL
Also known as: Crown (when Im not joking) king
Favourite weapon(s): hammer
Favourite map(s): ctf3
Favourite position: atk
Playing since: 2010


Nickname: ZONE
Name: Ryan
Country: U.S.A
Also known as: ZONE
Former clan(s): ChickenMilk
Favourite weapon(s): HAMMER!!!
Favourite map(s): ctf6
Favourite position: Attack
Playing since: August 2012


Nickname: Whisky
Name: Mathias
Country: France
Also known as:
Former clan(s): > Airtee <
Favourite weapon(s): Brain
Favourite map(s): ctf5
Favourite position: att/def
Playing since: 2010 with breaks


Nickname: teddi
Country: Germany
Also known as: AHappyTeddyBear
Former clan(s): Motherland i miss u
Favourite weapon(s): pistol
Favourite map(s): dm1
Favourite position: def
Playing since: beginning of 2016


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